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  • Mark Kurtz


I am using a unique camera format to get at a distinctive sense of the New York landscape - the Holga, a cheap plastic camera available for about 35 bucks, is a funky piece of equipment (very low-tech)  This is a film camera - medium format - I use Kodak Plus-X and Tri-X film.  I take a very intuitive approach to making photographs with the Holga - the camera has no real adjustments (although it pretends to) and I don't use a light meter when I work with it.  I work more from a sense or feel for the light - very different approach than the other camera formats I work with.  The Holga is not an easy camera to come to terms with - it requires a serious commitment to understand what can be done with this camera - it took me quite awhile before I "got it".  The cheap plastic lens contributes to the unique features of the images made with the Holga.   It has developed a cult following of art photographers...and I am one of those cult members.  I have been using the Holga for nearly 25 years - it became trendy a few years ago and there are now many variations of the camera and accessories available (you can get a "Holga" lens to go on your iPhone!)  I only use the original film camera…the purest form of Holga.

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