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Moose Pond Adventure

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Back a few weeks ago, I hiked to Moose Pond with Bruce Harvey, a fellow large format film photographer, he carrying his 8x10 view camera and I had my 4x5 Crown Graphic. I posted a couple photos of us working with the cameras, and also a post with a couple shots I made with my digital camera. Here are the results.

The Crown Graphic (and the Speed Graphic, which is very similar) is a classic “news camera” of the 1930s, 40s and 50s (think Weegee), but not usually used for landscape photography. The Crown Graphic is much more oriented to “hand held” use. My wood field 4x5, or “large format” camera would have been more appropriate - it has more movements on it and would be used exclusively on a tripod, which is not practical for a news camera, hence the hand held orientation of the Crown Graphic. So, the field view camera would have normally been the camera of choice. But I have had the Crown Graphic for awhile and have never actually made a photograph with it so I decided to give it a shot (so to speak) and see what I got. The black & white image here is the result of my effort for that day. I have also included a couple digital color images I made at the time, one of the same subject, the other a multi-frame panorama, a shot of Bruce working with his 8x10 field view camera and myself (thanks to Bruce) of me working with my 4x5 Crown Graphic.

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