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Old family photos are fragile, easy to lose, probably faded or cracked and most of the time there is only one copy of them…and often are collecting dust in a box in the attic…and all our contemporary snapshots are collected on our cell phones.  It seems the traditional family photo album has gone by the wayside.  


Bringing back the traditional family photo album, as a book.


As the owner and photographer of Mark Kurtz Photography for over 30 years, I am offering this service to help save precious family history, like I did for my own family.  I took my old family photos and created a traditional family photo album.  Scroll through the images and see the different pages I laid out.  I did it chronologically, starting with my great grandparents and going through to the youngest generation, but a book could be set up in any organized fashion (chronological, events, locations, etc)


How it works: 

You bring in the photos you’ve found (I can give you some thoughts on how to edit your photographs so you have a cohesive book.) They can be original prints, negatives, slides, family memorabilia, etc.  If you can’t make a visit to my studio, we can work over the phone and with email and ship/mail the materials to my studio. 

I scan them and fix them for imperfections such as creases, color correction etc. (Look at some of the before & after examples to give a sense of the repair work and color correction that can be done) 

I will do the layout, with captions and descriptions (you will have opportunity for input along the way, and you will get to do a final review) and then I print the book.  You can have just one printed or multiple books that you can share with other family members (great gift idea!)  Additional books can be printed any time in the future.   You will have a traditional family photo album to share with everyone without carrying around a box of photos! 

You will still have the originals but you will also receive all the digital copies that can be saved, backed up, shared and printed any time in the future. 


The production is customized to your interests and needs - I will produce a book that caters to what you want, not some cookie-cutter version.  

The final cost is determined by how much time I spend on scanning, image editing, layout, etc.

Design work: scanning, photo-editing, and design work will be done at the rate of $50/hour. A family album would likely be between $250 - $750, depending on how extensive the book is.

Printing: $75 - $200, depending upon the number of pages and cover type.  

If you have an extended family that would like to work on this together, the design cost can be divided up amongst the family members and then just add the cost per book.

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