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The moment I first started working with the film panorama camera, nearly 30 years ago, I started seeing the landscape with new eyes.

Pricing: each print is signed and has a 1” - 2” white border around the image

all prints are archival ink-jet (giclée)- silver (traditional chemical darkroom) prints are available for Adirondack panorama, call for size and price.

5x15 (10x20 framed) $135 ($175 framed)

7x21 (13x24 framed) $150 ($200 framed)

12x36 (20x40 framed) $400 ($500 framed)

18x53 (24x60 framed) $750 ($975 framed)

26x76 (34x84 framed) $1800 ($2400 framed)

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