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Wedding Photography by Mark Kurtz

As a wedding photographer, I shoot in a documentary style photographing your day as it happens - not as I choreograph it. Because of this non-traditional approach, I am able to capture moments that are individual to this special day. My background as an art photographer informs the commercial work I shoot for magazines and corporate clients, as a photojournalist in assignment work and in the fine art photography I exhibit in galleries. Because I do not come solely from a traditional wedding photography background, the results will be unique.

I will photograph your wedding in color or black & white film or in digital format. With film, I shoot 35mm, a format that lends itself to the photojournalistic style. After photographing the wedding, I process the film and make 4"x6" prints as proofs. You receive all the prints and negatives. In the case of digital, I put all the images on a CD and select out approximately 150 images that give a good overview of the wedding and make 4x6 prints of them. You receive the 150 prints and a CD of all the images. You are not obligated to use me for your reprints. Many couples appreciate the convenience of dealing directly with a lab in their home region instead of working through the mail. This approach leaves creative possibilities available to you as you put together your wedding album. You are not limited to predetermined packages which may not suit your needs.

The basic rate for photographing a wedding is $2200.00. If being photographed on film as opposed to digital, the first 4 rolls (36 exposure each) are included. Each roll after the first 4 is priced at $25.00 per roll to cover the cost of film and processing. There is no difference in cost whether black & white or color film is chosen. If it is digital, there are no additional costs. The 150 4x6 prints are included. If travel outside of the greater Saranac Lake/Lake Placid region is involved, travel costs are additional.

Other options are available such as photographing the rehearsal party or, if you are making your wedding a destination with friends and family gathering in the Adirondacks for the weekend, you may want to consider a bigger package that could include a multi media show in the form a DVD. Contact me for further information regarding pricing and options. You may also want to consider original Fine Art photography as a wedding gift. My gallery is located in Saranac Lake at 36 Broadway and my Fine Art work can be seen on this web site in the "Fine Art" section.